How to become a freelancer in 30 days

In this article on how to become a freelancer in 30 days, We’re going to discuss step by step process on how you can become a freelancer in 30 days.

how to become a freelancer in 30 days
how to become a freelancer in 30 days

Week 1:

1. Mindset.

The very first step is to set your mind for what you’re gonna do. You should have a clear vision in your mind, Then things will be pretty easy for you. Just fix this phrase in your mind that you are going to become a freelancer in 30 days.

2. Find your passion.

The next step is to find what suit your the best. You have to find your interest in a particular soft skill. Be it graphics designing or creative writing, web development or video editing, etc.

3. Start learning the skill.

The next and most important step is to take action and start learning that skill that suits your interest. You can learn it from any institute, youtube, or from any other resource as well. But try to give as much time as possible at the start.

Week 2:

1. Practice, practice, practice

Now you have got some command of that skill but you need more and more practice. Spend this whole week just practicing and also offer your services for free to your colleagues and friends etc. because it will help you to get something for your portfolio.

At the end of the second week, you should have a good command of that skill and also some projects in your portfolio ( free projects for friends).

Week 3:

1. Learn and improve communication skills.

The second most important thing in freelancing is communication skills. Now you have to learn and improve your way of talking to other people. Because this is going to help you to win projects.

If you don’t know how to talk to clients then don’t worry, I have a solution for you.

I’ve written a detailed ebook on how to be a freelancer. In this ebook, you will learn how to talk and convince a buyer to award you a project as well. So click here to check it out.

2. Know the marketplaces.

There are various freelancing marketplaces where you can just sign up and start offering your services. Some famous marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer.

So your next step is to explore these and find out which suit your the best. Then create your account there and start offering your services.

Week 4:

Now at the end of three weeks, we assume you have a great command of soft skills, and communication skills and you have created accounts on some of the freelance marketplaces as well.
Now the next step is to:

1. Start getting the projects:

Now you have the skills, just start sending proposals on the relevant projects and you will win projects for sure.
If you don’t know how to send a perfect proposal, then I will again recommend my ebook which will help you to send a perfect proposal. Check it out here.

Just send as many proposals as possible at the start to get projects.

2 . That’s a wrap of how to become a freelancer in 30 days:

That’s the wrap of our how to become a freelancer in 30 days challenge. Now just jumped into the field and you can do it too.


After working very hard in those 4 weeks, now you have all the basics covered. Now you have taken the step.
Day 29 and 30:
So in the last two days, just keeps sending proposals and trying to find clients from social media as well. ( I will write about this in a separate article.)

And that’s it you are now a freelancer. You successfully completed the 30 days challenge.
Now just set up your bank account and be ready to accept payments.

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