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Here is a sneak peek of what you’re going to learn in this course:

1. Understanding the market.
2. Introduction to candlesticks and their characteristics.
3. Candlesticks patterns and predicting the price with patterns plus some advanced tricks.
4. A-Z chart patterns and creating signals with chart patterns with 90%+ accuracy.
5. Indicators and their advanced strategies.
6. Doing technical analysis with chart patterns and indicators.
7. Creating your own signal and verifying with multiple methods to get max accuracy.
8. Doing full technical analysis with some personally tested strategies and tricks that are not available on the internet.
9. Some tips to gain maximum profit and avoid loss in the bearish market.
10. Gem coins hunting technique that really works. (for crypto)
11. Some documents of really helpful strategies that you apply without any fear.
12. Confirmation of a signal if someone else gives it. This will help to avoid fake signals.


Important- we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you didn’t earn what you invested in the course on the very first day of course completion. Then you can get your 100% money back.

If you have any questions or you want a free signal then you can just send us a message here.


Whatsapp: 0330 5454236

8 reviews for TECHNICAL ANALYSIS MASTERCLASS: Crypto, forex and stocks

  1. Rizwan khan

    I will just say, pesy pury ho gay. This course is literally worth it.

  2. Hira Saif

    This is the best investment I’ve ever made. getting brilliant results. thank you

  3. Humna

    I’ll just say OMG.
    I was not expecting this lot of information in this price seriously. Thank you

  4. Arman javed

    Ohhh what a gem I found finally.
    Literally I was looking for something like this so I can learn the market and trade ony own. Thank you

  5. Waleed

    I was just losing money in forex and crypto before but now I got the right path to do trading.

  6. Fahad Malik

    This is literally a million dollar course and you’re selling it at almost free.
    Because the knowledge in the course is literally worth million dollars.
    I am glad I made on time decision to take it.

  7. Zara sultan

    I have no words to explain my feelings right now. I’ve found more than what I expected in this price.

  8. Kashif

    Its an amazing course. I was like whooo. I think I’ve finally found something useful on internet. Thank you

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